Everything that can be touched and seen consists of materials.

Observing a material and understanding its best purpose is a fundamental skill to give meaning to new creations.
The accurate research and selection of different materials, the combination and experimentation, are among the most important goals of Atelier Fort.

Metal is an extremely flexible material in terms of design options; it is the key element of any project. In any shape, appearance and finish, it is capable of giving each creation a robust and sturdy appearance.
Thus, metal is considered an essential part of design. Atelier Fort fuses the old world of design into present day contemporary styles to give a beautiful, classy, industrial and vintage style art work and decor that can inspire creativity with splendour and enduring charm.

Undoubtedly, the first construction material used by humans, wood is an integral part of the design process. Atelier Fort has developed designs that can incorporate the fundamental components and the very essence of Venetian architecture into interiors, improving the home’s aesthetics.
All the wood used is the result of extensive research in old warehouses, old houses, restoration of old Venetian floors pilings, processed in such a way as to retain the original look of the wood surface.

Mirrors have the ability to capture light and let it sparkle throughout an environment. Their reflective quality plays an important role in brightening up your home, while different shapes and sizes blend seamlessly into a traditional or contemporary home décor.
New glass, with its transparency, serves as a beautiful and inspiring focal point, bringing an exciting mix of style and function. On the other hand, old glass can become an integral part of design, giving a further vintage and sophisticated look.

From homes to hotels, office spaces, museums, commercial spaces as well as office buildings, leather offers amazing opportunities for interior design, and these opportunities are well worth exploring. Its durability cannot be matched or coupled with the comfort it provides when felt.
All of the leather used by Atelier Fort is made in the largest Italian manufacturing plant in Padova, Italy. The leather’s full grain is totally natural, chrome tannage, aniline through dyeing and water finishing. Synthetic leather is the perfect eco-friendly choice with different styles and colors.
Our research in

manifacturing process

Over the years Mr. Fort has built a physical archive of materials and samples, as well as the results of experiments with various processes:

Chemical reactions to obtain different kind of surface finishing

Natural aging processes to give the material a unique soul

Combination of different material types to make an overwhelming mix

Consolidated and innovative painting techniques