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About the Company

Style and tailoring

Atelier Fort started in 2010.
Fort Simone, the company’s founder, opened his first craftsman workshop and design studio in Venice, Italy.

Since then, the company has expanded with several factories in northern Italy, but the first, original workshop is still located in Venice, where Mr. Fort produces new prototypes and studies new materials.

As a leading brand in the arts and design industry, Atelier Fort has remained one of the most successful companies with a focus on high-end designs, serving many customers both within and outside the country.

Years of experience and passion for excellence allow Atelier Fort to provide world-class services with high quality aesthetics and design that combine both durability and usability.

About the founder

Fort Simone

Fort Simone was born in a little town in the North East of Italy in 1983. He showed an innate passion for construction and handmade inventions since he was a child. With a skillset much more impressive than that of most people his age, his passion evolved during university.
After his studies, he engaged in a lot of collaborations with different companies, improving on his skills and subsequently pursuing interior design.

Fort Simone is an ardent believer of success through hard work. He has never lost focus on his goals, by not giving in to any distractions.

His ability to take on a design from concept to completion, his dexterity and most importantly, his high-quality standards and attention to detail, are what set him apart from others.

As an artist and creative, his core strength is to transform small and simple things into wonderful and unique creations.

Simone Fort
Atelier Fort Venice

“Venice, its story, people, art, and atmosphere are a source of inspiration for creativity. The combination of craftsmanship, nostalgia for vintage stylings, and an admiration for big construction works, makes every single Fort project a journey into art.”

Fort Simone

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